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Read our Cancellation and Refund Policy

Know about our cancellation and refund policies by poring over the following content. We've clearly outlined conditions under which you can cancel your order and when you're eligible (or not) for a refund on this page.

Cancellation Policy

This company accepts cancellations but the client has to abide by our simple cancellation policy. For example, we accept cancellations within two hours for regular orders and within 10 minutes for emergency orders. In case we have started working on your order and you wish to cancel it, we will partially refund you according to the bulk of the work already completed.

Refund Policy

We ensure that only good quality work is delivered to you by doing everything within our capacity. Nevertheless, we're humans who can make mistakes, so a few things may call for refunds. Whenever you think of getting a refund from us, you must refer to this refund policy.

Before we delve into the details, it's important to understand that we process all refunds within five working days. We always need valid reasons for a refund before we can initiate the process. Please bear in mind that we're committed to meeting all your needs. That's why we nearly receive no refund requests despite serving hundreds of thousands of students from a global clientele base.

Conditions under Which We Process Refunds

1. The client mistakenly sends us money twice or is deducted more than what was quoted.

2. In rare cases, we may be unable to do your exam mainly because our personnel may be committed to other tasks. We will offer a full refund immediately in this case.

3. If there's no service delivered after the elapse of your deadline without notification, you're eligible for a full refund of your money.

4. If the client asks us to stop working on his order and refund the money, they'll be eligible for a partial refund.

Refund Requests Aren't Accepted When:

1. The client changes order instructions and asks us to abide by the new ones: - We expect our clients to send us complete order instructions the first time and stick to them to the end.

2. The email asking for a refund isn't detailed enough: - We need emails that bear the reason for the refund to verify that it is within the set of our accepted reasons before we initiate the refund process.

3. Our refund guarantee period is exceeded: - All refunds are processed when the request is made within five days after the deadline. Failure to make a request within these days will automatically mean that you're fully satisfied with our service.

4. The client tries to cancel an emergency order 10 minutes after it had been requested.

5. The work was delivered in time and the client asked for a revision/revisions: - In such a case, we assume that the client's dissatisfaction was cleared by the revision(s) requested. All revisions are free.

6. Our client comes up with a higher grading system that makes him/her appear to have failed.